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Cats Prefer Apple Products, Dogs Prefer Adidas: Visual Listening & Research

20 Nov 2019 1:57 PM | Kathy Doering (Administrator)

Did you know that cats prefer Apple products, while dogs tend to be more sporty, preferring Adidas? 

As marketers are moving away from vanity metrics & realizing there is so much more to the story, research & listening has expanded beyond traditional text based listening into visual. This episode talks about visual image recognition and how it is used in social listening & research.

Vad Sapozhnykov, Marketing Director at YouScan, talks about how it works, what insights can be gained, and how it is being incorporated into more traditional programs.

He talks specifically about situations in which:

  • Brands identified influencers through image recognition
  • A brand quickly realized their branding was displayed at an event that they did not support
  • Two brands compared side by side found that the reasons people were discussing each brand were very different, allowing for not only marketing insight but competitive intelligence

To learn more about YouScan, you can visit their website or connect with Vad on LinkedIn or Twitter to get to know him better!

Listen: YouScan & Visual Listening Through Image Recognition

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