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Influence Marketing – 2019 Awards

18 Dec 2019 8:18 AM | Kathy Doering (Administrator)

Influence marketing certainly grew this year and is one of the main reasons brands use social media listening tools. Many marketers are using influencers as one more way to gain creditability and reach consumers. Jim Matorin, founder of SMARTKETING, an innovative marketing company , works with a multitude of product categories- convenience foods, desserts, ethnic foods, plant-based/sustainable foods, etc.. Jim also serves on the SMRA advisory board. 

He shares with us his views of Influence Marketing in the article below. 

Influence Marketing – 2019 Awards

By: Jim Matorin 

As 2019 comes to a close, I have been culling through all the online content detailing the best of 2019 and forecasting what is coming in 2020. Consequently, I decided to have some fun and draft my own list and award the best influencing marketing movements of 2019.

Influence Marketer of the Year: Sephora – I have asserted in numerous guest posts, the strategic utilization of macro (greater than 100,000 followers) or micro (10,000 to 100,000 followers) influencers ought to vary by industry. When it comes to fashion, I strongly recommend a macro influencer, the spine of my Global Fashion Influencer post. Global beauty leader Sephora has been a digital/influence marketing pioneer for years. In 2019, to break through the their industry’s clutter of influencers who post beauty tips, it created the #SephoraSquad influence marketing movement. They held a contest to find 24 influencers to work with, both macro and micro (a.k.a. broad and niche influence marketing). In addition, they asked their loyal followers for testimonials and received 250,000. Consequently, their user generated content including video, enabled Sephora to personalize the brand experience for their influencers. Their program validated the marketing axiom “one size does not fit all” and addressed the needs of their diverse customer base. Sephora experienced an increase in engagement, web traffic, leads and sales, plus a gold mine of loyal consumer data.

Silent Influencers: U.S. Moms – There are approximately 4.5 million mom influencers in the United States (source: Mom 2.0). Originally via blogging and social media, numerous moms recorded all aspects of their daily lives to engage and build community. However, over the years their content evolved into an association with brands and companies. In a viral flash, with one post, popular mom influencers with large followings can either endorse (note: sometimes for free product or sponsorship money) or deflate a brand. The silent influencers have grown in numbers to the point they now have a conference (Mom 2.0 Summit) complete with workshops like “How to Connect and Work with Global Brands.”

Social Media Platform of the Year: TikTok – Founded in Beijing, China, TikTok is a short video-sharing social networking service. The app (iOS and Android) was launched for markets outside of China in 2017       (over 150 markets in 75 languages). The app experienced a user download explosion, 1.1 billion by March of 2019. Given its popularity among Gen Z, brand marketers are leveraging its user generated video content to create influencer marketing movements.

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    Joyeux Noël et Bonne Nouvelle Jim!
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