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Newest Trends in YouTube Marketing

28 Aug 2019 5:20 PM | Kathy Doering (Administrator)

There are over 3.5 billion daily users on social media, which means at some point your target audience is talking about their retail experiences and discussing their favorite products. Customer service issues can now be handled via social media as well as speaking directly with brands. Customers and businesses are even communicating one-on-one and using social media to do so.

YouTube has now caught on and there has been a rise in video marketing to appeal to different audiences. The platform hosts more than 1.9 billion logged-in users each month and those numbers continue to rise along with its popularity.

There is no doubt your business is sure to find its target market with all that YouTube has to offer. Here’s how to use YouTube’s products and services to best appeal to customers and their interests.

1. YouTube Live

Live stream has taken over social media…through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Facebook reported that people are three times more likely to watch a live stream on the platform than a regular video because events happening at the moment are more interesting than videos from the past. Customers agree it’s more captivating to see something happening in real-time.

YouTube’s very own live streaming platform, YouTube Live, offers the same capability. Viewers engage with live video eight times longer compared to regular video, boosting your channel’s engagement rates and driving traffic to your channel. YouTube Live can be used to broadcast a Q&A session, showcase your products and services, introduce an influencer, and more.

2. 360-degree videos

Another fascinating trend is the 360-degree video. Viewers can use their mouse to click on a video and place the screen in the perspective they want it. The video continues to play even as you move the content around on the screen and interact with it.

360-degree videos provide a virtual reality experience users can enjoy from their laptop or mobile phones. Brands can use this feature to show products and services in ways they previously haven’t. Users can now explore a brand’s content and choose to look from whatever perspective they prefer.

3. How-to tutorials

What do you prefer when trying to solve a problem or find a DIY solution? A video or step-by-step written instructions? Many users say they gravitate towards video tutorials that teach them how to do something or talk extensively about how to solve a problem.

According to Google, 67% of millennials can find a YouTube video on anything they want to learn. Every minute, up to 400 hours of video are uploaded into its database, with how-to videos remaining a popular genre to consume. But, over the years, this method has made all the difference for businesses trying to elevate their brand and sell their products. With how-to videos, users get a first-hand look at how brands can get rid of their problems and simplify their lives.

4. Celebrity endorsements

Retail businesses clearly know the value of having a major celebrity endorse their brands and products. But now, celebrities are using video for their own gains.

YouTube and other live streaming outlets are being used by celebrities to deepen their connection with fans, essentially becoming creators. Will Smith may not have released a single movie in 2018, but he still reigned supreme thanks to the videos he shared on YouTube, showing off his travels, performing the world’s greatest “In My Feelings Challenge,” and even bungee jumping from a helicopter into the Grand Canyon.

How much more valuable is a celebrity endorsement when the star is not only connected to the product on TV ads and billboards, but when they’re also producing related videos for their fans? Rihanna’s tutorial Tuesday videos for her makeup brand Fenty are a great example of this in action.

YouTube is a platform you definitely want to utilize if you plan on strategizing your business for higher conversions and engagement rates. Video, and more specifically live streaming, is a fan favorite and people aren’t giving it up any time soon. By adding it to your marketing strategy, you’re ensured a better chance of achieving your goals and reaching success.

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