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13 Nov 2018 2:28 PM | Kathy Doering (Administrator)

By:  Jim Matorin, Business Catalyst at SMARTKETING: Tech-friendly pragmatist that specializes in innovation and revitalizing businesses.

My ambiguity regarding influence marketing persists especially in light of an article I read in ContentStandard, a weekly newsletter published by Skyword titled The Psychology of Social SharingWhat Makes People Engage with Your Social Content.    

Long title for a short article, a six minute read according to Skyword.  However, it took me eighteen minutes because I had to read it three times to fully digest. 

I highly recommend clicking to the article, but for SMRA readers who would like to cut to the chase, here are my key takeaways. 

  • Recently, social media algorithms have become more complex in order to offset click-bait, spam and false reporting.  These changes are adversely impacting the public reach of content.  Consequently, creating content that generates organic engagement (“meaningful interactions”) has become a marketing challenge.
  • A new study from the NY Times Consumer Insights Group confirmed that the reasons people share information (word of mouth) has not changed significantly over time.  What has changed is how and where people share information.  The NY Times sketched a profile for six different types of online sharers.  For more details I recommend you click to the article.
  • Understand your audience.
  • Marketers are over processing when it comes to targeting. 

My company specializes in food-away-from-home marketing.  Recently, we were asked by a client to examine future shifts in consumer food-away-from-home eating behavior. 

Our research revealed that there is one demographic group that eats, sleeps and breathes social media and sharing content online.  Can you name the generation?  Stay tuned.  In my next post I will provide the answer as I continue to investigate influence marketing.

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