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Time to Connect the Dots

5 Jul 2017 9:26 AM | Kathy Doering (Administrator)

BY: Jim Matorin, Board Member of the SMRA and Business Catalyst at SMARTKETING: Tech-friendly pragmatist that specializes in innovation and revitalizing businesses.

Time To Connect The Dots

It is difficult to describe the range of emotions I experienced back in May when Kathy Doering asked me to join the SMRA Advisory Board.  At first, I was excited, flattered, and then realized the digital footprint I created back in 2008 and stayed committed to was finally paying off dividends.  For the record, I originally met Kathy via online engagement.  Again, let me reiterate my excitement to be involved on the ground floor of a new association that will take social media to the next level – working with individuals who truly understand the value of social media, an array of tools that will enhance social media analytics, social listening and brand reputation management throughout organizations worldwide.

I experienced a different emotion last week, a meltdown, when I read an Advertising Age article titled Marketing for a New Age: Being Digital vs. Doing Digital  The article highlighted the key findings from a study conducted by Facebook and Deloitte (383 marketing professionals across a wide range of industries, company sizes and geography).  Conclusion: Most organizations are executing select digital to make incremental improvements to their current situation (a.k.a. status quo).  Specifically, 41% of the respondents believe their corporate culture and silos are the inhibiting factors to “being digital.”  Consequently, it is time for organizations to connect the dots!

The article went on to detail the Digital DNA traits the study revealed organizations need to incorporate into their business, operating, talent and customer models to evolve into a mature digital organization (a.k.a. social enterprise, a topic I plan to address at a later date).  Rather than list all the traits, I will cut to the chase.  The starting point is to provide your organization with the right resources (internal and external), plus training to cultivate a digital culture. 

Last week I also participated on the first SMRA Advisory Board conference call.  A diverse group!  My takeaway: I firmly believe the SMRA will be a significant resource for future digital organizations.  We are committed to educational forums for our membership.  In addition, we are going to be actively involved in the exciting CX Talks: The Customer Experience Summit that will conducted in Atlanta October 2  

Are you ready to connect the dots!

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