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Sandra Stibbards & Camelot Investigations Present: Open Source Intelligence Training™

  • 14 Apr 2019
  • Several locations.... see listing

Presented by Sandra Stibbards, owner of Camelot Investigations, Open Source Intelligence Training™ classes are regularly held at various venues across the country as well as internationally. This extremely educational training will enhance the knowledge of every person who attends. Open source intelligence (OSINT) requires more than just an ability to use the Internet. Special databases and off-line sources are among the many rich veins of intelligence which go unknown and untapped by law enforcement, legal professionals, business researchers, security personnel, intelligence analysts, and terrorism, gang and financial researchers.

 Learn to direct your searches to obtain results quickly for best due diligence
 Learn to find Information you would expect to be confidential
 Learn to use social networks and media as an investigative tool
 Learn how to dive deep for business information
 Learn to protect your identity while searching and maneuver covertly
 Learn how to conduct vulnerability assessments using open sources
 Learn the best preparation for executive protection operations

Enhance the results and timeliness of your background screening investigations, due diligence searches, people locates, asset investigations, vulnerability assessments, risk assessments, corporate investigation and all searches by attending this highly acclaimed 2-Day Open Source Intelligence Training™ class.


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