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What is SMRA? 

With the explosion of social media over the past decade, marketers and social media managers often struggle to understand what is being said, and more importantly, how to promote and protect their brands. 

The Social Media Research Association is a community of professionals who are focused on Social Media AnalyticsSocial Listening, and Brand Reputation Management.  We connect our members with the latest tech platforms, industry news, education and career resources, guidelines for best practices, opportunities for speaking, brand promotions, and networking with social media gurus and brands.

Who Are SMRA Members?

We're not just research nerds! We're social marketing experts, social media managers, advertising agencies, brand managers, marketing managers, technology firms, consultants, PR agencies, data analysts, media, bloggers, recruiters, academics, students and, yes, some badass research gurus too.

We are experienced veterans, techies and novices helping each other by sharing the latest techniques and tools and contacts to gain a competitive edge in social media marketing and management. 

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Why Join? 

Are you a social media manager, marketing research professional, consultant, agencytech developer, academic or student with an interest in the latest social media research techniques and tools? We invite you to join us in shaping the future of this fast growing industry. As a member you will benefit with:

  • Networking with the world’s leading professionals in the social media research industry;
  • Gaining exposure among clients, agencies, technology firms and the media;
  • Career center with resources, guidance and leads to further your career in social media;
  • Opportunities for speaking, promotions and demonstration of thought leadership in our Speakers Bureau;
  • Discounts from 15% to 30% on registration fees for leading conferences, such as Innovation Insight Exchange (IIeX), The Quirk's Event, The Social Shake Up Show, The Market Research Event (TMRE) and more;
  • Educational classes, webinars and workshops on social media research;
  • Sharing articles, whitepapers, presentations on the SMRA website;
  • Mentor Exchange Network;
  • Ask an Expert Panel and Office Hours Consulting;
  • Helping to shape best practices and ethics for social media research.

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